Little Indian: Bushwacked?

Little Indian is hosting an excellent debate over on his blog regarding the recent nucular nuclear agreement between Bush Inc. and India.  Little Indian is rightly suspicious of the true intentions of the American administration in this new-found friendship between the two countries.

My own view to quote myself:

….the American administration is once again arrogantly ignoring its own committments and Bush is seeking to change US law here, there and everywhere to suit his agenda. Iran is a signatory of the NPT and is being deprived of access to civil nuclear materials. India hasn’t signed the treaty but Bush is willing to cooperate and declares it as a responsible state. Well we certainly can’t criticise India for looking after its own interests but I think Bush is being deliberately provocative and two-faced. I’m not just skeptical. I’m totally untrusting. He’s playing games. He has an agenda here. Here’s a guy who lifts his country’s Asian arms embargo and sells a missile fleet to Pakistan and an anti-missile system to India. Hmm. What does that tell you?

What sort of message is Bush giving when he threatens Iran with attack for being a part of the treaty and wanting to utilise it’s rights under that treaty yet rewards India for its refusal to sign the treaty and for developing nuclear weapons?

Might as well smash the NPT, America is blatantly disregarding it. Britain is too in its plans to replace Trident. Once again, thanks largely to George Bush and his usual arrogant double standards, the world is living under the threat of the bomb.

I am aware that the Indian economy is fastly growing and that it is impeded by the lack of energy.  But I don’t believe nuclear energy is the answer to India’s energy crisis.  The risk of incidents at power stations, whether accidental or by terrorism, is huge and the environmental impact would be enormous.  We should be helping and encouraging India in promoting renewables. 

Nuclear energy should no longer be an option – for anyone.


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  2. […] This is America’s politics of double standards. […]


  3. I agree Earthpal. We in the US should be first moving to solar, wind and water power. We should also be expanding the use of these things worldwide. No nukes are good nukes!

    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer


  4. Spot on ClapSo. Thanks. 🙂


  5. And to think that the majority of the Indian population is poor!


  6. […] This is the primary reason for this deal, groundwork towards invading Iran. This is America’s politics of blatant double standards. […]


  7. […] This is the primary reason for this deal, groundwork towards invading Iran. This is America’s politics of blatant double standards. […]


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