Overdoing Diana

I was completely surprised when I heard that Camilla thealmostqueen had “pulled out” of attending the Princess Diana Memorial service.  Surprised because I couldn’t believe there was going to be a *public* memorial service at all.  I expected her family to hold a service in her memory but not another televised event paid for, no doubt, by our TV license fees.

The family has already held a public memorial event for her by way of that dismal flop of a pop concert.  Why are they dragging this anniversary thing out?  It only provides more mileage for the parasitical media and their celebrity-obssessed, voyeuristic readers.  She’s now going to be in-our-face for weeks via every magazine cover and every newspaper.  There will be tribute after tribute, tacky merchandise, more revelations about her personal life, more bitching . . . and much dancing on her grave.  

I can appreciate that her family, her sons in particular, need to memorialise her ten-year anniversary, but what’s wrong with a quiet little private family affair?  Much more dignified and sincer.  Why do they want to feed the British public’s bizarre obssession with the dead woman?  After all, didn’t they moan and groan about the media-frenzied publicitity she attracted wherever she went?  

She did some good stuff and she did some stupid stuff.  She was treated appallingly by the royal family and she hit back.  But all this adoration is totally disproportionate to the reality.

Isn’t it time to move on.


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  1. Oh! If I made a list of things to MOVE ON from, it would be endless..but I am guessing the length of memories and the period of mourning is different for different people hence the numerous memorials around the world, the numerous wreath layouts etc. etc..The media will make good on anything that means more circulation and money.

    If I thought like Spock of Star Trek I would look at all of the holidays, the flowers, memorial stones and structures as a waste of precious resources. Really, would the Dead and Gone need it? Wouldnt all of that serve the living better if used for their betterment? The answer would lie in Beliefs(which is a whole new topic).


  2. >Isn’t it time to move on.

    No, not at all. The ‘dead woman’ is still in millions of peoples hearts and will always be very much loved.


  3. Royalties are not my preference. I prefer Republics. A President of a republic will end her/his mandate and go into oblivion unless she/he has done something outstanding for her/his country. And they are Presidents because they are elected by the people.

    I am not talking of the American Republic, of course.


  4. Mysoul, yes, people do seem to have a need for some kind of physical object to remember their loved ones. Statues, graves, tombstones, park benches even.

    When it comes to ‘moving on’, you’re right, we all do it at our own pace. I’m really talking about the collective mourning by the public and from the media outlets that won’t let her rest in peace so to speak. I was no big fan of Diana, nor indeed of any of the royals, but I find it distasteful that the media is still getting mileage out of her and that the public are still willingly buying it.
    Misslionheart, yes but how much of this ‘still being in people’s hearts’ is genuine and how much is voyeuristic obssession with celebrity? I mean Mother Teresa did some good stuff but nobody remembers her with quite the same fanaticism. But then, Mother Teresa wasn’t quite as beautiful as Diana and there’s the crux. The word “shallow” comes to mind.
    Jose, I’m totally with you.


  5. It’s not all about Diana’s beauty, it’s about her being a normal person and the work she did as a normal person. A wife a mother a friend. A wonderful woman who will always be remembered, as is Mother Theresa.

    Shallow? In what context?


  6. Oh, I’d say it’s very much about Diana’s beauty and she’s certainly remembered on a different level from Mother Teresa.

    I’m certainly not undermining or criticising her achievements, nor anything else about her life. I’m just totally bored by the obsessive media coverage she still receives and I am convinced that a large chunk of the public who read all the stuff written about her, look at all the magazine photo-spreads and visit her memorials, are simply grim sight-seers or celebrity-obsessed observers.

    Much as I am aware that she was a decent humanitarian and that she was clearly a loving mother, there are millions of unrecognised but as equally loving, good mothers out there who are all heroes. And what’s more, there are many more aid workers on the frontline, facing real dangers every day, without the huge protection that she enjoyed, that are trying to make this world a better place. They are our unsung heroes.


  7. Then lets regard her as a tribute to these so-called unsung heroes….


  8. If that works for some people . . .

    Not me though. She was good but no symbol for those tireless aid workers.


  9. I’ll beg to differ….


  10. You always do want to be different, Contrary Mary. 😉


  11. Mary? That’s a ‘muff’ over here. At least
    call me Fanny….she could cook!


  12. Lol.

    Sorry Fanny. 😀


  13. Diana … oh the fantasies. Four poster bed in a castle on the hill, whilst looking out over the peasants … 🙂


  14. Peasants? Please expand on this, Matt…..


  15. Me being silly misslionheart … thinking of times bygone when royalty sat up there in their castles on the hill, looking out over the farm land and the peasants, as they used to be called. It’s still a term fondly used over in France btw.


  16. Matt, don’t ye be worrying about Misslionheart – she be a simple peasant girl . . . ooh ar!


  17. Well I didn’t want to mention Ireland and English Kings & Queens. 😉


  18. Finally!!!


  19. Or is it? 😐


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