Where’s the chocolate?

I’m in a bad mood.  I need lots of chocolate: 

On being a clumsy twit: Yesterday I was trying to help my little boy fix his bicycle chain.  We managed to sort it but after a few minutes of cycling, it fell off again.  And on it went like this for about an hour so I told him to use his sister’s bike but he said it had a loud squeak which embarrassed him.  I listened and it did have a squeak.  A very loud one.  So I went to get the can of de-squeaker which was located right at the very top of the shelves in the garage.   I fell off the step-ladder, was hit in the mouth on the way down by a wooden plank and now I have a fat lip, a broken tooth and it’s a bank holiday so the dentist is closed.

On effing cars: Can you believe I still haven’t got my car back?  A complete comedy of errors my auto-lark has turned out to be.  Three rear axles later and I still haven’t got the right one for my car.  Do these car guys actually know what a rear axle is?  Or do they just hear a female voice and decide to have a laugh?  I’m stuck now because they won’t refund my money because they are reserving their right to replace the item.  And because I stupidly didn’t get a receipt, I have to wait for the replacement of which they are tormentingly taking their time about. 

So, next week I have to pull off a commuting miracle.  My kids are back at school on Monday when I have to get my son to breakfast club by 8.15am (no sooner  because they won’t allow it).   The club is held at the school.  [distance from our house to school = 2.8 miles]  Then after dropping him off there, I have to get my own backside to work for 8.40am.  [distance from school to place of work = 3.5 miles]

Does anyone know of a bus route that will acommodate me?  A taxi ride that won’t cost me a tenner a day?  I could cycle but I still wouldn’t get to work on time.  Horse and cart?  A dragon perhaps?  Flying pig?  Time machine?  I’d even risk bumping into a dalek if a tardis would help me out.

Ideas and suggestions on a postcard to: irate&angry@totallypissedoff.com

It’s all George Bush’s fault.


6 responses to this post.

  1. I wonder if the car fixers can provide you with a courtesy car. I mean they are taking a hell of a long time and it is very inconvenient to you…

    My sister broke her front tooth and they have fixed it beautifully. The can do clever things these days – don’t despair. I hope your lip is healing well. Poor sausage. That was not your day was it. Bloody Bush.


  2. Thanks bindi, I’m going to the dentist today to get it sorted.

    No courtesy car Bindi. I tried to do it on the cheap. Never again.

    Bloody Bush indeed! Lol.


  3. Go for the flying pig. Oink, oink!


  4. Oh, Earthpal, I’m really sorry for you. As we say here misfortunes ae never alone.


  5. MissyL, will do. And you be sure to . . . drive safely. 😉

    Thanks Jose. And I’ve still no car. 😦


  6. It’s ridiculous. You really need to be compensated..


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