This is good news from Reykjavik, Iceland via Greenpeace – the Iceland whale hunt is over.  The officials have said they will not issue any more hunting permits until market conditions are suitable:

“The whaling industry, like any other industry, has to obey the market. If there is no profitability there is no foundation for resuming with the killing of whales…”

It’s hardly a decision motivated by any compassionate or ethical reasons but I’m sure the whales won’t care.  They’re safe again, for now at least.


“He roams the sea in freedom … with no enemies save man”

Ted Sherman


5 responses to this post.

  1. A respite? Well, as you say, Earthpal, if they suspend to licences to kill whales so much the better.


  2. Yes Jose. Unfortunately, they still carry out whaling under the pretence of science but there’s no justification for scientific whaling whatsoever. They’re simply taking advantage of International Whaling Commission (IWC) loopholes just as Japan does in order to hunt for commercial reasons.


  3. I was shocked to the core whilst in Norway, sitting in a nice pub, to find ‘whale’ on the menu.


  4. Beautiful picture and quotation. May we learn to live in peace.


  5. Matt, I would have been aghast! I think I would have had to boycott the restaurant.
    Amen to that Helen.


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