The Dancing

Don’t tell my dance teacher this . . . I’m getting a bit fed up of the Belly-dancing.  I’m bored with it I think.  I want to try something else now, maybe a bit of the Flamenco – very fast and passionate.  Or maybe some simple modern & jazz. We have a belly-dance workshop coming up soon in Yorkshire and I get to stay in a posh hotel (sans kids) and we get to do all kinds of belly-dancing stuff on the Saturday followed by a Saturday night out (Yay!) and some demo’s on the Sunday.  T’will be exciting, non-stop fun and dance.  So, cheeky sneak that I am, I think I should take full advantage and wait till after this before I throw it in. 

Actually, my dance teacher is taking a kind of sabbatical next year.  She will be travelling Eastwards and will country-hop around parts of Asia for nine months.  Presumably she will close the dance class so maybe I will stick it out until she leaves then look for another kind of dance.

We’ll see.


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