Brown and Thatcher

We didn’t vote for the wicked witch of the 80’s so why would we be wanting any influential advice from Her Evilship.  Mr. Brown – now tell me good sir, why would ye be seeking her counsel?  Was it really just tea and cake?  Or would you go to any length just to bury Cameron?



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  1. Perhaps what Mr. Brown should do, like should all his politics colleagues, is seek the counsel from British people. Being a past PM does not entitle one to be omniscient. People of the street might be wiser.


  2. Spot on Jose!! He should be consulting with the ritish people who voted for his party.


  3. Brown is an incredible tactician. It’s all about taking the wind out of Cameron. Don’t forget on the very same day the Labour party announced that Saachi & Saachi had taken on their advertising account.

    Brown is a master of the game plan. Watch and enjoy.


  4. Ah, a very clever distraction tactic then huh? I hadn’t forgotten that! I just didn’t know.


  5. Not a distraction, even worse; a double blow.

    Gordon; he’s the black widow …


  6. As for that guy Blair; he loves the photo opp;



  7. Love the Blair pic Matty. It speaks volumes.


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