My Drafts

I think I’m about to commit blogicide with the following post but here goes.  T’is probably way overdue anyway . . .  

The following are titles of posts that I have written but have thus far never published.  I’m not sure why I’ve never published them but I think it’s probably due to the fact that I’m not . . . well, not sure.

Anyway, the posts – to be or not to be, that is the question.   There are two tick boxes:  

hmm … tantalising – go ahead and publish.  We can’t wait


zzzz – don’t botherI  mean reeeeally don’t bother

And the titles are (in no particular order of merit or importance or date or meaningful relevance) :

  1. The Interview 
  2. Vegetarianism and the Environment (illustrated with a bunch of carrots and a cow drawn by me)
  3. Daddy Longlegs  illustrated with a  Daddy Longlegs drawn by me (it has recently occurred to me that I have a talent for drawing arachnid-related pictures which when you think about it, is really quite ghoulie in a gothish kind of way)
  4. Wainwright and Walking  (illustrated with a photo, taken by me, of my kids walking in the Cumbrian mountains)
  5. Living (illustrated with a picture of a dead person.  Not really)
  6. A Word of Advice
  7. Retro-Housewife  (illustrated with a picture of MissyL , NOT taken by me, wearing nothing but an apron even though it has no relevance to the post whatsoever but is simply an excuse to provide another platform for MissyL to exhibit herself)
  8. Degree in Sarcasm Anyone?  Were you Breast-fed?  (illustrated with a picture of me breast-feeding my little bo ……. just kidding folks)
  9. Morbid Thoughts
  10. Men and Love Songs (illustrated with a drawing of a musical note overlapping a heart – artwork by me of course,  I don’t just do grim)
  11. Spirituality
  12. Reality TV addicts – the real world needs your attention more
  13. How we Can Save the World – I hold the ultimate solution in my hands

So – whaddya think?  Publish?  Delete?  Save for a Writers Block day (like now, come to think of it!)?  Or … do the world a favour and simply Save Forever in Unpublished Files (only to be discovered by my family when I’m dead and buried who will then go on to exploit my dead self, publish all my posthumous thoughts and make potloads of money (that’s just stupid!) nothing at the expense of my dignity?

By the way, if you vote to delete number 13, I will be very upset.  And if you actually believe number 13, I will laugh my barefooted socks off.


14 responses to this post.

  1. Morbid Thoughts! Give us Morbid Thoughts!!!


  2. Lol. I might have known.


  3. Ooooh, now I’m stuck. Let me sleep on it……


  4. Yes, these are hard questions MissyL. Ponder deeply and wisely before you give your answer.


  5. I’ll have the Retro-Housewife, as she keeps changing her avatar right before my very eyes she must have something interesting to hide. 🙂


  6. She hides nothing Matt! Trust me.


  7. You two together must be some tour de force! 🙂


  8. Matt, we have the best fun together. She makes me laugh … all the time. She is so funny and quick-witted. And naughty. She’s the second biggest flirt in the world.


  9. who’s the biggest?

    I want daddy long legs.


  10. Vegetarianism and the Environment………….
    No, hang on, Morbid Thoughts.. Oh, erm.. Spirituality.. Oh, no, I’m having a real problem here, EP……

    Sorry, I need more time.. 😐


  11. Bindi . . . me of course. Or is it you? Lol.
    Misslionheart, you have another 24 hours.


  12. Oh flirting is just so much fun … all in good humour of course! 🙂


  13. Well what are we waiting for Matty? 😉


  14. Why does Matty think I’ve something to hide? I don’t change my avatar *that* much… I?


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