“Iraq Moratorium”

It’s an American thing but it deserves publicity everywhere.  Weary of the lack of results from the anti-war movements and with no trust in our leaders, participants have defiantly pledged to make some kind of protest on the third Friday of every month against the continuing war and occupation of Iraq.

“The slow-motion train wreck that is the occupation of Iraq grows daily more of a nightmare. In 2006 America voted to bring it to an end. But our politicians have failed to grasp the strain on our military and the depth to which America’s influence in the world has fallen. We must force them and our media to recognize just how angry America is, and how massive the anti-war sentiment in this country has become.”



4 responses to this post.

  1. Will the US’s successive administrations never learn? I am afraid their dependance on the-powers-that-be, always greedy for power, is the answer to these continuous situations.

    It is about time for the Americans – and the rest of the world – to consider seriously the real meaning of Democracy.

    By the way, my PC needs a cleansing and weeding, so I’ll be off-line for a short while, perhaps 2/3 days.

    Am already fuming to be back reading your posts.


  2. This is a classic case of power to the internet people. Great idea, building up the pressure slowly but surely.


  3. Yes, power to the internet Matt. So long as it remains uncensored. But it’s not looking good in that respect….

    Jose, democracy is a word that has all but lost it’s true meaning. Good luck with the PC clean-up. Looking forward to having you back again soon.


  4. Mumsnet also had a similar problem with Gina Ford, who accused members of defamation or such like. Settled out of court and Mumsnet survives but Ford’s name must not be mentioned!


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