Always a Day Late

Damn!  I missed this.

Yesterday was the International Day of Peace

Like many other cynics, I’m of the belief that we simply can’t celebrate or promote peace in one day.  We can’t go around feeling good and hugging each other for one day to give our consciences a 24 hour reprieve.  Holding one peace day a year won’t change the world and it sure as hell won’t bring about the much-needed mass ethical-cleansing of our leaders.

But, I totally agree with the good intent and motivation of the Peace Day movement and of course we desperately need to replace the global culture of killing with a culture of peace.  And massive peace activities on such a large scale would be impossible to pull off as a regular event so an annual day of peace is better than none.

And we can build on this.  On an individual basis, we should seek peace within ourselves and with our immediate human brethren every-single-day.   We should daily *teach peace* and lead by example for our children.  We should give our children a world in which they know only peace – a world where there is no alternative.

And in the wider world, we should ceaselessly lobby the leaders and let them know we utterly refuse to tolerate their aggressive policies.

I know it’s not probable but that doesn’t mean we should ever stop striving for it.


5 responses to this post.

  1. Well said, Earthpal. Still here while I can.


  2. Dear earthpal,

    Well, don’t feel too bad. I am regularly late for all sorts of things 😉

    Yesterday, for example, was also International Polar Day – Sae Ice and I wrote about Antarctica ice melt and forgot to mention that!

    The reason I am here now, is that I searched for you on the Blog Action Day participants list and you aren’t there 😦 I hope you will sign up for this before October 15, as the topic is Environment.

    I heard about this day from Darmok, I have since blogged about Blog Action Day myself, and asked matt to spread the word at The Coffee House, and I hope you will do the same 😉


  3. Did my message about Blog Action Day get caught by your spam filter because I included two links? Sorry. I shall send you another invite this evening if it doesn’t surface.


  4. Hi Inel. Yes, sorry. My spam filter gets overactive at times.

    Thanks for the invite. I will most definitely sign up and will plug it here also.

    Warmest regards.


  5. Thanks Jose.


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