“Pledge and Review”

That is George Bush’s plan.  He wants countries to set their own emissions targets, set up whatever climate policies they see fit and bring them to the world summit.  No commitments, no firm targets, no penalties for failing to deliver.  Just a laid-back, no pressure, you-can-join-in-if you-want-to plan.  

That’s it.

As one of the articles below stated, a pledge-and-review system is a fair approach for the poor countries but rich countries (and I know I’m saying nothing new here) should be taking the lead in climate change.  They need to be much more accountable.  The rich countries .. ie .. the long-standing polluters, need to carry the bulk of the burden.  And the sooner the leaders truly accept this, the quicker we can get going on it.

Gordon Brown once rightly said …

“We know that the gains from global prosperity have been disproportionately enjoyed by the people in industrialized countries and that the consequences of climate change will be disproportionately felt by the poorest who are least responsible for it — making the issue of climate change one of justice as much as economic development.”

And as most would agree, he’s absolutely spot on!  But can this compassionate statement, for once, not become unutilised rhetoric?  Can it actually be followed through with action?  I doubt it.

The George Bush summit is a mere ego-gesture (yes I meant ego, not eco).  He wants to appear as though he’s active and at the same time feed his personal power-agenda but in reality he’s totally without substance.




5 responses to this post.

  1. It George a Freegan?!;


    He does seem to believe in freeloading.


  2. I doubt Gordon Brown’s words will be accompanied by facts. It’s very good being compassionate, thinking of the poor and needy, and Gordon Brown in his time as Chancellor proposed apparently good solutions, but he is now PM and we know how PMs behave. Or Heads of State for that matter whenever the rich and powerful put their finger in the tart.

    It is about time for people to stress the meaning of democracy and think for themselves instead of leaving that task to the leaders who have been imposed on them by those behind the curtains.


  3. > It is about time for people to stress the meaning of democracy and think for themselves …

    This is true Jose. Apparently pollsters and party machines have been noticing for some time that the young voters have reacted to this impotence with their ability to influence the ‘mainstream’ political agenda by joining ‘single issue’ movements such as Greenpeace and FOE, to name but two. Powered instead by these organisations and the internet voter interest has become rather splintered … much like how the consumer dollar/pound/euro spend has been taken increasingly away from the high street shops.

    It follows that as consumerism has moved to the internet so should parliament. Coupled with proportional representation as a party/voter system we could end up with true liberation.

    Or pure chaos.


  4. Yes Matt, I’d say George was a freeloader but not a freegan. Will visit your post promptly.
    Jose, I so hear what you’re saying. I was watching some of the appalling scenes from Burma on the BBC and it occurred to me that we in the so-called free world aren’t so full of the liberties our leaders would have us believe we enjoy. In New York last week, at the climate summit, fifty or so activists were arrested outside the State department for …. well for protesting!


  5. Infringing the right to free speach, one of the most important democratic traits, must be punished by law, even if it is the police that are to blame.

    Judges must seek their place in the ambit of the law and forget their biases – which are many. To be a judge it takes honour above everything else. If there’s honour the judge will have no problems to dictate sentences.

    But alas! who’ll bell the cat?


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