Cameron’s speech

I really don’t know why everyone is making such a fuss about his obviously rehearsed but unscripted speech!  It’s not his oratory skills that we should be judging him by.  Tony Blair was a great speaker and look at his political legacy! 

Cameron spoke well and without the aid of an autocue but that doesn’t change the fact that what he said was of no real substance.  He predictably laid into the current government and told us that the Tories will do much better. 

Is that it?


4 responses to this post.

  1. I didn’t hear it. Did he promise my son a new football and me some tickets to the final of the Rugby World Cup? If he did then I’ll vote for ‘im. I’m easy me!


  2. Nope. Nothing like that Matty.

    (Closet Tory … meh)


  3. Me! Nooooo. I just find party conferences such a yawn.

    They should do away with them and party membership and put policy debate onto the net. There’s lots of us out there with good ideas who never get heard, as we all know!

    Interesting to hear a polling expert from American, who has advised leaders on both sides of the pond, say that these days policy is determined by minority trends. He says that as soon as a ‘trend’ has over as little as 1% of the population interested, it becomes important to politicians to pander to. Always wondered why the environment as an issue suddenly became big 18mths ago.


  4. Interesting Matt. Amd good point about the conferences and party membership.

    Someone once commented here about a similar thing. I will look it up.


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