Pots of Heather


Heather thrives at this time of the year and my little pots are no exception.  They look good all year round but in the Autumn the colour comes alive and they look very pretty.  And they are so easy to look after.  I needn’t do anything with them.  They just sit there all year round and look pretty for me. 


8 responses to this post.

  1. > They just sit there all year round and look pretty for me.

    That’s exactly what Chef says about me!


  2. Yeah roight!!! Lol.


  3. Blimey the suns bright. It was a beautiful autumn day today.


  4. It was really lovely yesterday. And it looks like it might be the same today. The sky out of my window looks bright on the horizon.

    Enjoy your day folks.


  5. Beautiful.


  6. Yes it is Helen. And it’s practically maintenance free.


  7. I find all kinds of vegetation beautiful, the difficulty lies on enhancing any plant to be outstanding among others. You’ve achieved that, as the size of the pot plays an important role in it.


  8. Thanks Jose. Heather is easy to care for, has no known pests and will settle in virtually any area. I couldn’t go wrong really.


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