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Cameron’s Speech – Vitus303 said ……

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“It’s all so disgustingly patronising. These two over privileged professional liars spending so much time and money trying to ‘come down to my level’ in order to gain my trust. yuk.”

Vitus303 ~ well said.


Our Guest

This morning, while we were all busy getting ready for the day, some piercing screams rang out from our  motel bathroom. I’m talking very loud and hysterical Oh-my-god-Norman-Bates-is-in-the-bathroom type screams.

I rushed in wearing nothing but a towel around my head but fully armed with a hairbrush to rescue my petrified daughter who was taking a shower. 

And lookie here – I found this scary little monster  


I had to capture it on film to prove what a fearsome creature it really was and needless to say, as I was taking the picture, my daughter continued to scream – à la Hitchcock – until I removed the poor petrified creepy.