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This morning, while we were all busy getting ready for the day, some piercing screams rang out from our  motel bathroom. I’m talking very loud and hysterical Oh-my-god-Norman-Bates-is-in-the-bathroom type screams.

I rushed in wearing nothing but a towel around my head but fully armed with a hairbrush to rescue my petrified daughter who was taking a shower. 

And lookie here – I found this scary little monster  


I had to capture it on film to prove what a fearsome creature it really was and needless to say, as I was taking the picture, my daughter continued to scream – à la Hitchcock – until I removed the poor petrified creepy.


7 responses to this post.

  1. ew. It doesn’t look small. Is it a white tail?


  2. Well some spiders sting, don’t they? And your daughter wasn’t going to let that creature bite her, was she? LOL

    When mum is not around to solve a problem, children normally find a solution. GRIN


  3. I think I’d have squished it with mi’ rolling pin..


  4. … and put it in a stew.


  5. Probably! 😆


  6. our chooks love to eat spiders.


  7. What? Put our Frankie in a stew! You guys are barbaric! Once you’ve given them a name they take on a whole personality you know. My little boy called him Frankie and alas our Frankie hasn’t been since since I was forced to collect him in a plastic cup (even I couldn’t bring myself to pick him up with my bare hands – he was rather big) and placed him outdoors.

    T’is just a little spider. We need them.

    Jose, yes I imagine she’d have chucked a bath towel over it and run out of the room vowing never to return until it was removed.

    I don’t know what kind of spider it is Binds. It just looks like the common house spider. We don’t get the kind of spiders that you get in Aussie, thank goodness or I don’t think I’d be such a nature-keeper. Lol.


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