Greenpeace on Government Plans for Nuclear Energy

Video from the Greenpeace website about the government’s energy review which to you and me is spin-talk for reviving nuclear energy:


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  1. The government has been up to some very complex shuffling of the nuclear cards over the last few years, leading up to this attempt at a new nuclear dawn. Subsidies can work in very dark corners of central London and Washington gentlemen’s clubs [‘if you give us that we will take this off your hands but we don’t want the current decommissioning cost …’].

    The Guardian does an excellent job of trying to keep up with nuclear goings on. Here’s an example of government incompetence which really worries me;,,2184282,00.html


  2. Has the world forgotten how nuclear waste is disposed of? The chances of nuclear reactors being subject to leakage have proved to be high.

    But still governments impelled by the-powers-that-be which own those sources of energy, do resist conversion to absolutely clean alternatives. The cost is too high for them, apparently they do not care about the cost to our health.


  3. Thanks for that link Matt. It is very worrying. I guess our whole lives are dictated by the politicians and the business heads scratching each others backs and lining each others pockets. I’m totally fooked off with it all actually.
    Jose, absolutely. The government has totally bypassed an informed public debate about this and is trying to sell us a story about clean, efficient and enviro-friendly nuclear power but the reality is, it’s not clean, it’s not cheap and as the Greenpeace article stated, it will reduce CO2’s by the teeniest of amounts.


  4. We’re running an unbranded video campaign, highlighting the adverse effects of climate change on British wildlife, and would be interested in buying some advertising or advertorial space on your blog. Sorry- couldn’t see where to get in touch.


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