Today I met a lady with twinkling blue eyes and a wicked sense of humour.  She was sat up in bed tucking into a huge bowl of salt-ridden porridge and a large mug of sweet tea.

She was 102-years-old.

How good is that?


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  1. That’s pretty cool.

    But why so much salt? And does the salt sort of preserve her, do you think?


  2. Hi Binds.

    She was Scottish hence the salt. That’s the only way the Scots will eat their porridge so I’m told.

    Maybe it does preserve her. Lol.

    She was so sweet.


  3. That is remarkable – imagine still having a twinkle in one’s eye at that age. It must be the porridge keeping her young.


  4. Hi Kate. The twinkle – it spoke a thousand stories. Lol.

    [note to self: must be sure to get my oats regularly to ensure longevity]


  5. Is she in hospital because of any serious condition? Or just a check-up?


  6. She is very poorly today Jose.


  7. My friends Gran just died at 97. She was a funny wee thing. Immigrated to London aged 55! (from Ireland).


  8. Sad news, Earthpal and Matt. No one wishes to see an elderly person pass away. As happens with babies they use to be nice and dear to every one. Is it because they are at both ends of life?


  9. Yes, it is always sad when our loved ones leave us.


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