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QT on IT and the Song of an Angel

Watching last night’s Question Time, I never felt the urge to punch somebody on the nose as much as I did last night.  And the recipient of my unfamiliar wrath would have been former Sun editor, Kelvin MacKenzie.  The Thatcher-worshipping, gung-ho, racist twerp just doesn’t miss a sensation-opportunity.  Am I allowed to hate him?  I so want to.

The Sun newspaper though – that flip-flopper of allegiances.  Do people really pay money to read it? 

Anyway, back to QT (if I start on the Sun and Rupert Murderoch I’ll never shut up),  Caroline Spelman, Conservative party chairperson, would have been a close second in my urges to punch.  What on earth was she blathering on about when she said that because of high property prices we need to be allowed to help our kids get onto the property ladder, and that raising the inheritance tax threshold would do this?  How so?  Inheritance tax doesn’t stop them from inheriting the property does it?  It just means they have to pay tax on any amount above the threshold.  And if they’re lucky enough to be inheriting a house worth over £300k then they’re not that badly off anyway. 

And for her stupid comments she recieved a round of applause.  Don’t you just hate that?  Sometimes on QT, some panelists make passionate and inspiring statements that cry out for a round of applause no matter how much we try to resist the urge.  This was not one of those moments.  Sometimes, I wish they’d ban clapping until the show has finished.  If it wasn’t for the rather handsome Chuka Umunna being the only decent panelist there I would have switched off and gone to bed.

Anyway, I had the pleasure of listening to the clever and talented Katie Melua singing live on the Graham Norton show last night which is a considerable improvement on listening to that moron MacKenzie.  And what a lucky girl she is.  Talented.  Sings like and angel.  And isn’t she just gorgeous.  Gosh!  I fancy her and I’m straight!   

So the delightful Katie – I’m not the biggest fan of her music.  It’s mood music and there’s a time and a place.  But her performance last night was dreamy so I must have been in the mood for it.  And I’m going to share. 

So, for your pleasure, take a break from your busy day, sit back and enjoy.  I’m off to get ready for my busy weekend so I will catch up with you next week when I’ve caught up with myself.

Enjoy …..