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Peace Prize

In regard to the 2007 Nobel Peace prize being won by the IPCC and Al Gore for their contributions towards the fight against climate change.

My personal opinion is that I welcome the award being given and Al Gore has done much to put the climate in the global spotlight.  But I can’t say all that without whispering that there been several other people who have campaigned long and hard for our good Earth who erm … haven’t got a pro-war record (no, I don’t mean Iraq) and a history of supporting aggressive foreign policies (Clinton/Reagan era).   

Anyway, nit-picking apart, the award, along with all its ceremonial dressings will attract intense media coverage and will invoke more huge debates which is all goodgoodgood.  And it will send out a clear message to our world leaders that the Nobel foundation chose, with good reason, to prioritise the environment.  And . . . it is a bit of a raspberry blow to George *denial* Bush.

And hopefully . . .  please,please,please . . . our wonderful planet Earth will be the biggest winner of all.