On Leaders

While the Lib Dems search for a new leader and the media directs its gossipy speculations towards whether Menzies Campbell jumped or was pushed by his ever-so-warm-and-cuddly Lib Dem colleagues whom it would appear have little tolerance for the very kind of people they purport to care for, it may have escaped your attention that the Green party has chosen a new female Principal Speaker.  Derek Wall was elected to continue as the male the male Principal Speaker but Dr. Caroline Lucas was elected to replace Sian Berry.  

So congratulations and good luck to the both of them.  I’ve no doubt they will both keep the Green party environmental ethos alive and kicking and will sustain their pressure on Britain and the rest of Europe, indeed the world, to realistically face climate change.

As for Menzies – of course he jumped.  He jumped before the inevitable shove.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Unfortunately lobbyists bet on the best chance.


  2. True enough Jose. It’s just the underhand and grossly disloyal way in which the Lib Dems have been towards both Menzies and Charles Kennedy. Those people should know – it’s not their leader, it’s their party that is the problem.


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