On eggings, Inadequacy and Chasing Sunsets

I thought I had bloggers block but I haven’t really.  I’m just feeling woefully inadequate after blog-hopping for an hour or so and reading some pretty damn good blogs.  And do you know what else?  Some bloggers – they write the shortest of blog posts consisting of a couple of random sentences about some random incident that they randomly observed or experienced that day and what happens?  They recieve about a million not-so-random comments!  Some people are just born with charisma.  Useless me – I write a three-million word essay on human dignity and it recieves a big fat zero and . . . as if to rub in the salt, my stats take a nose-dive.  Sigh.  I always was a dull fecker.  No, actually I’m being too hard on myself.  I am usually good company.  Ask my lovely but very dead Grandma.

Anyway, dull or not, today I was enraged! Livid! Furious! Livid! Incensed! Livid! Infuriated! Livid!

My middlie called me after school.  She had been waiting for her bus along with several other kids from the school.  She told me that as she was stood waiting with her friends, a car drove by and slowed down as it went past the kids.  The passengers of said car then opened the windows and pelted said kids with eggs.  Now I’m sure your first reaction is to laugh out at this but let me tell you, my middlie’s friend recieved a nasty cut very close to her eye and my daughter got raw egg in her mouth and eyes, not to mention the mess all over her school blazer.  I swear to the great gods of nasty mischief-making, if I’d have been there, I would have chased after that car, dragged the boys out and given them a good slapping.  Yes, t’is easy to talk tough in here. 

She soon got over the incident and hasn’t given a second more of head-space to those morons whose only pleasure in life is to drive around in cars harassing school kids with weapons of mass distinktion  (I might be dull but I make bloody good jokes!).

And moving on, I have a good picture of tonight’s sunset which was taken by my daughter from the car on our way home from her dance class.  She saw the sunset, gasped at its beauty and scrambled egg inside my bag in the hope of finding my camera.   As luck would rather oddly have it, the camera was there.  

As is always the case, she only managed one shot before the batteries died but I think it’s quite a good shot considering the fact that it was taken from the inside the car while we were in motion. 

Anyway, she said it would look good on my blog and who am I to disagree with an eleven-year-old who has . . .  oh, erm . . . egg on her face actually?  Unfortunately she caught my tatty tax-disc in the shot so for the last two hours I have tried and tried to Adobephotoshop it out, I’ve tried to Imageready it out and goodness knows what else I’ve tried to do but I cannot for the life of me figure out those damn things so the tatty disc remains for now.

Here it is, in it’s unedited, original full glory – my sunny-side-up daughter’s sunset . . . .


6 responses to this post.

  1. Listen, EP, I tell ya, *THEY* were the ones left with egg on their faces, not the girls.

    Great post! You’re getting funny in yer old age… 😆


  2. “weapons of mass distinktion (I might be dull but I make bloody good jokes!).”

    Hmm, ya think?!!

    By the way, great photo! There’s oftentimes I wished I had a camera with me – I recall a train journey to Aberdeen early one spring morning when dawn arrived over the North Sea. The entire sea turned a wonderful shade of purple and everyone on the train was staring in awe.


  3. A drive-by egging. Bloody hell, what is Britain coming to. I blame America.


  4. Thanks MissyL. Only my best friend would say that. X
    Hi Despairing, thanks. Yes, my attempts to be funny are pretty bad aren’t they. Lol. I know what you mean about the camera thing. Just this morning, me and my little boy stepped out of our door and were greeted by the hugest and clearest rainbow. I ran back in for my camera but remember those dead batteries? Well of course they were still dead. So no pretty rainbow picture to post.
    The view from the train sounds fabulous. It would have made a great snapshot.
    Matty, yep, a drive-by egging – that’s exactly what it was and I blame George Bush himself.


  5. I understand you. One feels frustrated when one cannot do anything to counter these hooligans.

    A question of education doubtlessly.


  6. Yes, I guess they are just mindless kids bored out of their heads with precious little to stimulate them positively.


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