My middlie has put in a request to have tickets for one of the upcoming Spice Girls reunion concerts. 

Mum, please.  I really want to go!  Zoe’s going and so is Emma!  Please mum.

I have a real problem with this on several levels.  Those women are damned wealthy enough and I really don’t want to be contributing to their already bursting bank accounts.  I can think of no valid and important reason why this bunch of talentless, mouthy and unbearably irritating never-has-beens should be re-forming to make a one-off tour and an undoubtedly crap album so I refuse to support their dreadfulsome comeback.

Spice Girl apologists are coming out with the usual tosh such as them being healthy role models for young girls and great ambassadors of girl-empowerment, blah, blah . . .  but Girl Power was nothing but a massive marketing ploy aimed at young girls to get them to spend their hard-earned pocket money (and their parents money) on all the cheesy merchandise and those bloody awful records.  And they did nothing for female empowerment except to commercialise thousands and thousands of young girls and give them hollow expectations of what life is about.

I don’t know how much the tickets are going to cost.  No doubt the figures will reflect their exploitative greed (and that of their manager).  But do you know what?  If their reunion was in aid of a respectable charity I don’t think I’d have a problem paying but when it’s just to feed their fading ego’s and their bank balances, they can bloody well whistle for it.  They failed abysmally as soloists and their only motive in this reunion is gratuitous greed and a sad effort to reclaim some of their long-lost celebrity status. 

Is there no imagination left?

Or am I just in a bad mood today?


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  1. Latest news here is that Posh and David want to come back to Europe.

    What did they think they were doing? Europe is still the best place for talented people, I haven’t the slightest doubt about it.


  2. Very true Jose. And that’s why Posh Sp. would be out of place here.


  3. Posted by Chris on October 18, 2007 at 2:09 am

    “Girl Power was nothing but a massive marketing ploy”

    The most ironic aspect of which was that it was mostly thought up by a man, who made a lot more money from it than the girls did I imagine. Also I seem to recall one of them saying in an interview that on a date you should colour coordinate your drinks with your dress as it looks nicer. How’s that for empowerment.


  4. I saw Gerry Halliwell represented on TV as so self-absorbed that she had lost grip with reality (in interviews with her nephew and sister I think)….?

    I suppose its hard to reconcile fame with ordinary life.


  5. You have a point there, Earthpal. LOL


  6. Hi Chris. Yes, the fact that a man made pots of money from “Girlpower” reveals the whole thing as a sham and an insult to the efforts towards gender equality.
    Bindi, spot on. They are all self-absorbed and that’s quite normal, acceptable even, in the world of fame. I just wish they wouldn’t try to kid us into thinking they have a valid social message to give to their female fans.
    Jose… 🙂


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