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A Bit of a Change, Veils and Birthdays

I have found a way to edit out the scruffy tax disc from my daughter’s snapshot of the incredible sunset we saw the other night.  Look above.  I’ll change it soon.  I acknowledge that, as photography standards go, it’s probably not that good but my daughter took it and we mums must always, always display the works-of-art that our children so proudly present to us.

I like this theme.  I can change the header to suit my moods or in keeping with the seasons, festivals etc. and I have a great picture ready for Hallowe’en.

Talking of Hallowe’en, my two girls have been discussing their trick-or-treat outfits and they’ve made up their minds.  My eldest will be a Zombie Bride and my middlie is going to be a Corpse Bride.  So . . . pretty much twin outfits then.  Should be easy and cheap to produce.  We just need a bit of white cottony fabric that can be cut into tattered layer’s, some fake blood, some mud from the garden and a bit of white netting for the veils.  My daughter did suggest using my wedding veil which happens to be squashed in a drawer somewhere along with my dress and other weddingy bits and bobs.  Hmm … not sure I want it torn to shreds and muddied-up for one evening for the sake of horror-authenticity.  Anyway, the Hallowe’en Brides are sorted and no doubt my little boy will not wish to be left out so I need to get some ideas running around my head for his get-up. 

In the meantime, we have a very important event by way of his 8th birthday and the poor worrisome boy has some conflicting issues to resolve.  He wants to suit his football-mad buddies by having a football-themed party but the thing is, he loves rugby and secretly wants it to be all about rugby. 

I am hoping that the footy wins the day because have you ever tried to find a rugby-shaped birthday cake?  There are plenty of football cakes – official premier League cakes, basic black-and-white football shapes, team-shirt cakes, the lot.  But rugby – nothing!  You’d think with the big game this weekend the bakery people would be on the ball (hehehe) and exploiting the event but nope . . . no rugby cakes anywhere.  I’d try to make one myself but have you ever tried to find a rugby-shaped baking tin?  Multi-shaped tins aplenty but no rugby shapes.  I’m getting right onto the Bakers & Confectioners association (if there is such a thing) to submit my disappointment and to accuse them of discriminating against cake-chomping rugby fans.