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Rugby Final


England v South Africa 

You might be aware that I would never have taken such an interest in this world cup final or in the game of rugby itself if it weren’t for my little laddy being such a star player and all. 

So, we had it all planned for tomorrow – crisps, chocs, beers, J2O’s for the kids.  All snuggled up on the sofa watching the big game.  Then my middlie announced that she is dancing in a show at our local theatre.  So, my rugby-mad son and his dad will watch the game and I will watch my daughter dance.

Swing Low, Sweet Chariot – a traditional rugby anthem favourite performed here by UB40.  I did hear that Kenny Rodgers’ The Gambler is a bit of a changing-room players favourite which I think is a bit of an odd choice for a bunch of burly brutes.  Anyhoo, UB40 is what you’re getting. 

Go England!