“Say No to Crazy Paving”

My husband has been making noises that he would like to dig up our lovely green front lawn and replace it with concrete slabs of greyness for reasons pertaining to low-maintenance and other such-like ridiculous nonsenses. 

He hasn’t outrightly said anything.  He’s just testing the water (as if he didn’t know that this particular water on this particular issue would be at sub-zero temperatures).  Anyway, thus far I have remained silent but trust me, I have the protest camp all planned out – from the banners and fliers to the survival supplies such as food and camping gear.  And so, at the first sign of spades and cement, I will be pitched up, camped out and totally unbudged on my front lawn until the silly notion has been fully removed from his head by any means necessary.  And I certainly haven’t ruled out a lobotomy. 

Seriously though, why is it so popular to concrete over our green lawns when we so urgently need carbon sinks?  Why would we want to replace our natural gardens with wooden decking . . . or build over our lush shrubbery and foliage with those must-have conservatories?  Is it  not enough that we have already destroyed much of the wider greenery around us?  The little eco-systems that live in the earth of our gardens can not thrive under the concrete and the gravel.  Our gardens are abundant with mini-wildlife species that work so hard with mother nature to maintain the cycle of life that we all depend on. 

Why would we want to destroy all that?


2 responses to this post.

  1. LOL. Yes, it seems people have not yet realised that cement and asphalt are important ingredients in eco-pollution. Furthermore both need the unavoidable industry moved by the curse of our days : oil.

    Yes, Green should become the colour in our national Nature. Let’s forget about greys, blacks as far as our environment is concerned.


  2. Absolutely Jose. Keep it green.

    Our front lawn – apparently it was a wind-up. I’m so easy!


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