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Half-term and Stuff!

Today me laddy is eight-years-old and so we will be busy with visitors, parties, toys, pressies, messy stuff, and so on.   Gosh!  I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since I wrote this birthday post.  This morning I still obssessed about the wrapping paper.  Needless to say, it’s not fit for re-use so it’s all bagged up ready for the recycling van. 

(Did I mention that he woke up at 4am and asked if it was time to go downstairs to open his pressies and that every other minute from thereonin he asked . . . “is it time yet?”).

T’is half term so no doubt the kids will be making their usual demands.  Good job I managed to get a couple of days off work (Yay!).  I plan to utilise them to the max.  That means not much computer time.  Quite apart from todays birthday activities, I have three Hallowe’en outfits to produce, a teenage bedroom to burn gut out and tidy, a film to see and lot’s of laundry to … no, scratch that … lot’s of walking to do.  Yes, the weather is just beautiful and I am not going to let a huge pile of smelly clothes get in the way of some wonderful Autumn walks.  

And we are planning to see Stardust this week so I’ll let you know our verdict.  It all looks very glittery and romantic in a swashbuckling kind of way.  Lot’s of top names too. 

And in a moment of what those who know me personally might justifiably say is slight narcissism, I will post you my current favourite song – Valerie sung by Amy Winehouse.  I prefer the original version by The Zutons but this cover has really grown on me:


Israel Blocking People from Seeking Urgent Medical Care

This is a rather depressing report from Human Rights Watch.

They say that Israel is unreasonably preventing or hindering entry into Israel of people seeking urgent medical attention.  The Israeli defence officials claim that it is basing its decisions on security concerns but it refuses to explain those concerns. 

Could the motives be less to do with security matters and more to do with punishing Gaza citizens for allowing Hamas control? 

People are actually losing life or limbs as a direct result of Israel denying them permits to leave the Gaza strip.  We all know and understand that they have very real security concerns but how much of a threat is a young wheelchair-bound boy?  Or a young lady who needs urgent oncology treatment?  Or a sixteen-year-old girl with a congential heart defect?  Or an elderly man in need of open heart surgery?

Where’s the humanity? 

Sarah Leah Whitson, director of Human Rights Watch’s Middle East division said:

Israel is punishing sick civilians as a way to hurt Hamas, and that’s legally and morally wrong. Israel remains the occupying power in Gaza despite disengagement, and thus has a legal obligation to facilitate medical care to the greatest extent possible.

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