One of those Days!

Note to self: never venture out of the house . . . nay, never venture out of my bed when the curse is upon me.

Thrice I have burn’t myself. 

Twice I have broken some pieces of kitchen pottery that were part of a set – the only set we have.  

I’ve dropped everything I’ve touched. 

A man let a heavy door shut in my face because-I-am-invisible and now I have a huge lump on my head.  

I forgot to make two important phone calls. 

And the worst thing of all . . .  

I forgot to go to my friend’s house for lunch today.  Who does that?  Especially when the menu is home-made winter vegetable soup with crusty bread and rhubarb crumble and custard for dessert.

You just know as soon as the alarm goes off and the song they’re playing is Achy, Breaky Heart, it’s all going to be downhill from there.



6 responses to this post.

  1. Oh dear. Yes, achy breaky heart was the sign. Shame about lunch. Did she forgive you?


  2. Hi Binds. Yes she forgave me. Her other (more reliable) friend was joining us and they both managed to eat the lot.

    It has been rearranged for next week and they are going to remind me the night before. Lol.


  3. Not unusual, what with little children orbitting around you the least a mum can do is forget what happens outside.

    Your friends are really understanding.

    If you let me know the day of the week next week when the lunch will be held I may remind you the day before. LOL.


  4. Blimey, I guess it’s a ‘clocks back’ sort off thing. Lots of people feeling a bit tired, grumpy and out of sorts at the moment.


  5. Jose, that’s exactly the thing! My kids do so much and have so many activities ongoing, sometimes I have to be in three places at the same times. I’m thinking about having myself cloned.


    Matt, some say that the changing of the clocks does affect us more than we might realise. Especially the October change.

    You’ll be glad to know my grumpy head has gone . . . for now. 😉


  6. Maybe your avatar change has something to do with. 😉


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