Sigh . . .

On a day when we roll out the red carpet for the head-of-state of a country that Amnesty International duly describes as . . . “fear and secrecy permeate every aspect of life.  Every day the most fundamental human rights of people in Saudi Arabia are being violated . . . “ , I can’t help thinking that it really is a crazy, fooked up world in which we live.

On a day when it took six planes to fly King Abdullah and his entourage into Heathrow and held a convoy of 84 limousines to drive the Royal Pains into London at a time when we desperately need to cut emissions, I can’t help thinking we’re well and truly goosed.

In a week when we will provide lavish state banquets at the tax-payers expense to a gluttonous royal family who won’t hesitate to chop off the hands of a man who steals a chicken to feed his hungry family, I can’t helping giving up.


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  1. All because this “Royal” family has promised to sell their oil only for US Dollars, (thus making the $$ the only sought after currency).

    If they hadn’t or doesn’t, the Americans would be the first ones to call them another in the evil axis and threaten with nukes every morning.

    There wouldn’t be 6 planes and no 84 limo entourage.

    The scourge of humanity, American dollars.


  2. Yes, I am with you 100%, Earthpal. Disgusting indeed!


  3. Little Indian, as usual you are absolutely right. The almighty American dollar, and the oil implications, runs the world. That’s how people and regimes are valued.

    Wherever lucrative arms deals and oil dollars are involved, Western governments will turn a blind eye to regime standards and human rights violations.


    Thanks Jose. I knew you would would share the same thoughts.


  4. Posted by anticant on November 2, 2007 at 7:08 pm

    Please don’t give up, Earthpal!

    I’ve pinched this splendid post for Anticant’s Arena. Hope you don’t mind.


  5. I don’t mind at all.

    Thanks for the encouragement Anticant.


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