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Haunted House?

Yesterday, my first-born asked me what had been built on the land that our house now occupies before it became our house.  I told her it was unused land.  She said she thinks our house is haunted.  

I asked why she thought that.  We’ve had these conversations before and I was about to give my usual cynical responses . . .  

it’s just your imagination . . . houses make noises all the time . . . when you’re in on your own your mind becomes active . . .  you watch too many horror movies . . . you thought our previous house was haunted too . .

But this time I held back because my daughter is a touchy soul and gets annoyed when I dismiss her thoughts and feelings as the rantings of an overactive teenage imagination that reads too many spooky stories on the internet written by other overactive teenage imaginations. 

So, seizing the opportunity to actually hold a conversation with her, I decided to ‘go with it’ and I encouraged her to elaborate.

She told me that sometimes she hears noises when there’s no-one else in the house.  Noises such as footsteps on the stairs, rustling in the wardrobes – the classic ones.  And sometimes she feels a presence in the room.  The other night she was convinced that someone was sitting on her bed (I remember this; she did actually shout in a panic for me to go up to her because she was so freaked out).  She also mentioned the time when her brother said he saw a ghost in my bedroom (I almost burst out laughing here because I remembered it well.  I even blogged about it here).

Anyway, being of a highly perceptive nature that is (ahem) tuned-in-to-the-supernatural, she sensed my hidden amusement and ended the conversation by loftily informing me that one has to have an open mind to be receptive to these things and that quite clearly my mind is very stubbornly closed and that often it’s children that are best able to sense such things and her two siblings have both also experienced unexplained phenomena in our house so that proves her point.  Hmph!

(Strangely though she used to say our previous house had a presence of some kind or another too, hmm.  T’would seem that the ghouls are following us.)

So, haunted house?  Maybe. 

Possessed kids?  Absolutely!