Tales from the Night Before

Well, me and the girls dressed up our front window all Hallowe’enish. We gave it a cobwebby effect and dotted it with little black spiders. We lit pumpkin-coloured candles (well orange really but they looked the part). We put up a sign welcoming the trick-or-treaters. We turned oranges into pumpkins because, as ever, I was on the last minute buying the pumpkin and there were none left. So, no Jack-o’-lanterns for my kids but sweet and juicy oranges instead. We emptied three large bags of sweets (I caved in on my sugar issue) into a large bowl. And we waited for the little child-witches and ghouls to darken our door so we could gobble them up treat them.

Within about forty minutes all the sweets had gone. I’ve never seen so many mini-horrors in one evening. I had to start handing out the pumpkin-oranges. I’m not sure if they will get eaten or be left to rot in a corner of their bedrooms but they did smile and seemed to enjoy the novelty factor of the fruit disguised as pumpkins (they look rather pathetic really but hey ho).

All the young children were supervised. They were all very polite and said thank you and Happy Halloween which was all very nice and sweet.

My two girls then went off trick-or-treating themselves. I couldn’t go because I had Samaritans training but they looked great and they came back with the predicted bag full of rubbish.

My son missed it all because he was at his kids-group but on the way home he was taken down some dark country lanes in a quest to catch a ghost – which he did. The ghost was then shoved into the boot of the car and brought home to frighten the girls but I think poor Casper was more scared of them because he made his escape as he was being removed from the boot.

At Samaritans training we watched a short film about how to appropriately answer emails and just as they switched the lights back on, Lucifer paid us a visit which we all thought was hilarious. The trainers even provided us with spooky cakes to have with our coffee.

All in all, t’was a lovely little evening of merrymaking and spookery.


4 responses to this post.

  1. I see you had a FULL day, Earthpal. Splendid!


  2. I certainly did Jose. And the evening was even more hectic. Every Wednesday night I have to be in three places at once. It’s a great challenge I tell you. 🙂


  3. I really love Halloween and Guy Fawkes night. Probably my favourite time of the year. Think my son scared himself as a little ghostie more than anyone else. They when to a great H-party. Always funny to see Mums & Dads dressed up as devils & draculas! 🙂

    Off to a Guy Fawkes party tonight. To have a roaring bonfire in someones garden in London is very special indeed.


  4. Hehehe. The little spooks are the scariest for sure.

    Hope you had a great evening Matt. We went to our town bonfire last night too. Was very good as always.


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