Why I’m Not Blogging

My most wonderful friend Bumblebee lent me a book.  Not just any book but an extra-special book.  A biography of one John Christopher Depp II better known as Earthpal’s boyfriend Johnny Depp.

And it has pictures in – of Johnny D looking very fine and handsome.  It also has a picture of him with his arm around that dreadfulsome woman – the one they call Mrs. Depp but I ripped her out skipped over that one.

In sharp contrast, I also had the mispleasure of reading an awful magazine the other day called Star.  I found it while I was waiting for my daughter who was having her hair done.  I didn’t want to read it, really I didn’t.  But I was forced to because my head was empty and the girl who was sat beside me positioned her body at an angle so that I was looking at her back, then she stuck her head firmly into Hello! or OK! so she clearly didn’t wish to partake of some idle chit-chat with an over-eager and fidgety woman who was desperate for adult conversation.

Anyway, Star magazine is the mother of bitchy gossip mags.  It bitched about Joely Richardson for being too thin, it bitched about one of the girls from Girls Aloud for not having a tan when all the other members of the group were bronzed up to their eyeballs and it had a go at poor Britney Spears (and who doesn’t these days?).  But lordy, if this is the stuff that young girls are reading it’s no wonder they are so catty and nasty with each other these days.  Oh, and I’ve since discovered who founded the trash mag.  T’was none other than that most undesirable of undesirables, Rupert Murdoch.  Explains a lot.

I also read an amusing article from NewsBiscuit  on the government’s obsession with meddling in family life.  I know it’s only a spoof but I don’t think it’s actually that far removed from plausibility.  

There is certainly an implication by this government that to be working class is something to be ashamed of and that all working class people should strive towards middle-classdom and bourgeouis values but really, what’s so wrong with the down-to-earth grit of the working-class with its solid backbone of hard work, pride, determination and community loyalty?  Working class people have steadfast values.  Many heroes have come from working-class cultures. 

‘Working class’ doesn’t always mean ‘chav’.  Just provide a level playing field of equality and inclusion and . . . keep the BNP away.

Anyhoo, must go – the Deppster is waiting on my bed for me.


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  1. ‘Working Class Heroes’, great song by Mr John Lennon or maybe someone else wrote it.

    Read or heard some little history piece about the UK middle classes having always obsessed with trying to ‘sort out’ the working classes on their own middle class terms. God knows why!

    I also think Tracy Becker books have a lot to answer for with young people’s attitudes these days. One of her books my daughter has been reading recently (she’s only 6 1/2). And the nasty things she then started writing about her brother and others. Dear oh me!


  2. Working Class Heroes – sounds like something that Billy Bragg would write.

    Yes, the middle classes do have a tendency to try and “help” the working classes and that’s not always a bad thing but middle class values aren’t neccessarily appropriate for everyone and shouldn’t be enforced upon everyone.

    Tracy Becker; do you mean the Jacqueline Wilson books? My two girls have read most of them and I know just what you mean. I wonder – is the author reflecting real life in her stories or is the reader being influenced by them.


  3. Is that not Tracy Beaker?

    Stickler for spellin’, me…..


    Pencil has these books. Great for her age, I think…


  4. Yes sorry, Beaker and yes, Jacqueline Wilson is the author. Was on holiday recently and my daughter was reading one of her books. Next thing we know is she’s started a ‘secret’ diary and in it she’s slagging off her brother and saying all sorts of other weird stuff.

    I’d say EP that Wilson is influencing their thinking. Not sure what to think really but I guess this is just one of many influences to come along.


  5. Matt, yes, Jacqueline Wilson is probably the least worrying of the possible influences.

    Yes, MissyL, I knew it was Beaker but I’m not such a nit-picker.


  6. Stop going on about the nits! 😆


  7. From Wikipedia:

    “The middle class, in colloquial usage, consists of those people who have a degree of economic independence, but not a great deal of social influence or power. The term often encompasses merchants and professionals, bureaucrats, and some farmers and skilled workers[citation needed].

    Social hierarchies, and their definitions, vary. There are many factors that can define the middle class of a society, such as money, behavior and heredity. In some countries, it is predominantly money that determines an individual’s position in the social hierarchy. In others, other social factors may have as strong an influence. Such factors include education, professional or employment status, home ownership, or culture.

    Connotations attached to the term also vary significantly between and within different countries. In the United States of America and Canada, usage is increasingly broad in scope, but almost always positive in intent (see American middle class).”


    In actual fact in democratic countries there should not be any class systems. This is really a passe term comparable to the Indian system of castes.

    There are rich people, there are educated people, there are uneducated people, there are poor people, but in my opinion there should never be classes. We all are born naked and will become in time mere dust. Circumstances in life may change for us for better or worse but we should never forget our origins.


  8. Jose, well said. I totally agree with you. A classless society is what the Labour party is supposed to be about. In fact, Gordon Brown himself said that a class-free society can become a reality in Britain but in my view, the Labour party has marginalised the so-called working-classes. After ten years of this Labour government, the British people are still deeply divided by class.


  9. Trouble is for the UK at least the party in power gets cocooned
    in London cotton wool and forgets what a street not paved with gold looks like … or they simply choose to not see it.

    PS. The Coffee House is moving!


  10. Posted by Bárbara on May 30, 2008 at 5:33 pm

    Oh my God!

    It means that Johnny has a book?
    That’s so cool…
    He’s such a talented actor,and so handsome…

    I Love Him! kk



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