Why I’m still not blogging

We are soooo busy at work.  The hospital has joined with another trust and this week, all the wards from the other hospital opened here so we have X amount more beds hence more patients.  So stress and mayhem reign and I am practically working full-time at the moment which won’t do at all.  I just don’t have the time to work full-time! Tut!

I haven’t had the chance to get up to date regarding Queenie’s speech and all the wonderful things that our dear PM has planned for us although I did hear that David Cameron called poor Gordy a weakling or something . . . and that at least Blair had balls.  And he also likened Brown to the BNP or the far-right because Brown wants British jobs for British workers.  Then he said later that Gordon was just copying him.  So, I didn’t miss much then.  Just the usual Westminster Happy Hour of mud-slinging, name-calling, jeering-and-leering and zero politics.  Grumble, tut!

I did also manage to take note that the climate change bill was grossly under-done, that targets are still dangerously low and that nuclear energy is still a firm Labour favourite. Tut! Sigh!

And if you’re thinking I’m doing a lot of grumbling and tutting tonight, you’d be right.  T’is on account of the fact that I’ve just been to see Grumpy Old Women and I’m still under the incontinence influence.  Can you imagine the atmosphere?  Sat in a theatre hall full of gin-and-tonic slurping, cackling hormones and not a man in sight!  Well there was one rather brave man and the three grumps spotted him straight away. 

Anyway, t’was an uproariously funny two hours of finger-wagging, tut-tutting, post-menopausal sisterhood.  And with some disturbing familiarities given that I’m not actually a post-menopausal, grumbling sister yet.  My kids probably wouldn’t agree but this is my blog and kids are banned.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Oh, Earthpal, the excess work rushed up to your head and that’s understandable!



  2. Jose, everything rushes to my head these days. 🙂


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