My daughter informed me today that the man from the Spar store close to where her friend lives no longer works there because he is a sex racist. 

Any clues?


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  1. She probably means “sex rapist,” although this is an unusual way to put it. Take your daughter’s and her friend’s ages into consideration. But it might be a good idea to see that they don’t go to Spar without adults.


  2. Yes, wise advice Helen. I will look into it more, ask her friend’s mum perhaps. Although she does know what a racist is.

    I wanted to approach her about it tonight – you know, have a bit of a chat about stuff. Unfortunately she is away on a resedential course with her school and won’t be back till Saturday.


  3. Might she mean that that man is against the opposite sex?

    The solution is just clarify what that guy really is.


  4. Posted by anon on November 9, 2007 at 7:18 pm

    Maybe he likes sex with racists?

    Is that really so bad?


  5. Apparently, the man is Asian and has allegedly been preying on teenage girls who shopped at his store.


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