poppy027.jpgMy two youngest children have expressed their thoughts about our lost heroes through their art. Poppies are significant to them not least because of the thanksgiving symbolism that the poppies represent but also because my children warmly remember the stories I have told them about their great-grandfather and his own war experiences and – more relevant to them, his memories of his youngest daughter – my mother and their grandma, who he fondly referred to as Poppy.  I blogged my reflections here and here.

We remember all the war dead around the world, not just all those who sacrificed their lives in the two world wars but in all conflicts – past and present.  We think about all the young men and women, just normal young people, some very very young, who never got the chance to meet a girl or a boy and fall in love . . . start a family, pursue a career, see the world….poppy020.jpg

We also remember all the innocent victims of war – children, women, ordinary citizens caught up in the unfathomable fighting between nations, leaders and sectarian groups.

We also condemn the leaders who sit in lofty safe chairs and send their citizens to die in futile wars.



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  1. Beautifully said, Earthpal.


  2. Thanks Jose.


  3. Lovely post…


  4. Thanks ladies.

    Warmest wishes.


  5. Posted by someone on November 12, 2007 at 12:41 pm

    You are supposed to buy the poppies so that the money can go to the families of the dead. Put your hand in your pocket and contribute something useful instead of trying to get attention.


  6. someone …. who!? An internet-white feather to you.

    Of course we all buy poppies to contribute ‘to the families of the dead’. The points made by EP in her post talk of wider issues caused by war violence.

    Anyway, EP can defend herself perfectly well herself!


  7. We bought poppies! I have about a hundred at home. My little boy paid for his own using some of his birthday money.

    Thanks Matty. xx


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