Britain – Dustbin of Europe

Apparently, Britain has won the Dustbin of Europe award. 

New figures released on Monday tell us that Britain (still) dumps more rubbish in landfill than any other European Union country.

We are getting better at recycling.  Our waste and recycling performances have improved over recent years but we are still the worst in Europe and they tell us that if the current trend continues, we will run out of landfill space in about nine years time.

It’s not just the householder that is to blame.  According to the article 40% of our shopping items cannot be recycled.  So, manufacturers, shops, packaging firms need to get away from quick-and-cheap ethics and start thinking long-term.  And local councils need to start imposing heavy penalties on shirkers.  And householders really should be fully onto the recycling programme by now! 

The details.


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  1. Perhaps we should watch attentively what shops in general contribute to this wastage. I’d say they are by far the most contaminating elements of our society together with bars and restaurants.

    And one other thing we should also take into account is that recycled material is usually more expensive than originals. And I wonder why and if this is really dependent on costs or merely on our deliberately exarcebated wish to be clean.


  2. You’re right Jose, shops and businesses are the big wasters.


  3. Posted by Dave On Fire on November 16, 2007 at 2:59 am

    Indeed. The “green” taxes on bins so touted by the Tories and Lib Dems sound like a greenwashed poll tax to me; we need regulatory constraints (and an effective inspection regime) on supermarkets.


  4. Check out the new report on pollution from the world’s 50,000 power stations. The Aussies are the dirtiest little critters per capita with the US not far behind;


  5. Absolutely Dave. We can’t rely on voluntary participation. I’ve always said that. So legislation and monitoring is required.
    Will do Matt. I had a quick glance at the post earlier but didn’t have time to read it in full. Will check it out later.


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