For the past couple of weeks I’ve been catching glimpses of my lovely mum around and about.  Last week she was a hospital visitor, then I drove past her one day.  Yesterday I spotted her in town. 

Don’t disappear – I haven’t gone barking mad. 

Of course it wasn’t really her because she died some twenty years ago.  What I’m saying is that several times recently, I’ve caught sight of random people who have really reminded me of her, and  it’s given me a short shock of sorts, just for that little second. 

I was telling my friend about this yesterday and she told me she once read that when this happens to people, it means – GULP – they’re going to die soon.

Uh oh!  I’d better make a will quickly . . . and go and get myself some fun before that Grimbo Reaper guy realises. 


5 responses to this post.

  1. Your mum must be prominent in your thoughts at the moment.


  2. About the will. Can I have a my Piggy stuff back?


  3. Yes, I think bindi is right.

    Which brings me to the previous blog about ghosts which we discussed here.

    A trick our brains play on us?


  4. Yes, I think Bindi is right too although I haven’t been aware that she was on my mind. It’s usually when birthdays or anniversaries are coming up.

    MissyL, I will make sure the piggy stuff is returned. Oink!


  5. A ‘friend’ said that?! Hmmm ….

    Jose, don’t mention Ghosts not being real … yikes!


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