Out neighbour has put up his outdoor Christmas lights and a holly wreath on his door.  He did it last Wednesday – the 7th.  He has those popular blue lights that everyone seems to have now.  They look lovely.  All sparkly and bright.  But it’s November for goodness sake!  Think of all the energy he’s using up to light them every night for two months. 

There should be laws.


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  1. Just a thought….

    While his lovely little Christmas lights are twinkling, is he on the computer? 💡


  2. Your comment, misslionheart, made me remember Bush when he said that one of the things that more contaminated was the Internet, the world of computers.

    He is an oiler, of course.


  3. MissyL, did you think that up all by yourself or did hubby write it for you?

    I don’t know what my neighbour does behind his door but I know that my computer is one of the greenest available and so is my electricity supplier. And next year when we have solar panels fitted, we will be über green.



  4. Like my avatar btw?


  5. Lol. Love it. Are they suckable?


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