Bring your own bags (and jars)

The councils of London have voted in favour of banning the handing out of free plastic bags.  They will present a private bill to Parliament on the 27th of November with the hope that the MP’s will vote in favour of a plastic bag tax. This is a good thing of course.  You’d be amazed at the staggering number of plastic carrier bags our shops give out each year in this country. 

When we were in France last year, the supermarket that we shopped at sold huge heavy duty bags and everyone used them.  The throwaway bags were available but I rarely saw them in use.  We should be well into the habit of taking reusable bags with us when we do our grocery shopping,  Making people pay for the throwaways will encourage this.  It does work.  My mum used to save and reuse her carrier bags every week because there was a charge for them.

A store in London has gone several steps further and asks people to bring their own bags, tubs, jars, pots etc. to fill up with their groceries.  Sounds very quaint and olde-worlde doesn’t it.  The shop is aptly called UnPackaged.  Pretty smart methinks. I hope it catches on.


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  1. Posted by Dave On Fire on November 16, 2007 at 2:57 am

    When I was little – and I’m only thinking a decade or two ago – every town had a cheap shop where everything from broken biscuits to washing powder (sadly, it probably wasn’t ecover) could be scooped from barrels into brown paper bags. Overdue a comeback?


  2. I read about this whilst on the Eurostar. Dave is right, this shop idea in trendy Islington (just down the road from me so I’ll check it out for you) used to be pretty much a standard shop approach to selling goods.


  3. Hi Dave, yes, I reckon those times will have to return. I remember the broken biscuits counters. I loved it there. Lol.

    Matty, yes, check it out and let me know what you think. The products are all organic and ethical-like so it should be sound.


  4. Yeah! Broken biscuits on the Market! Hehe..

    Remember when our Mums used to shop with their bags, usually homemade? Mine used to pack all her groceries from her ‘big shop’ into cardboard boxes, which she’d return and use again the following week.


  5. A good measure, indeed. Wish it might also be adopted here.

    Millions of plastic bags are wasted and waste our environment.


  6. MissyL, yes and my grandma used to have one of those pull-me shopping baskets. I loved that! Me and my sister used to fight for it. I even used to put the cat in it and pull the poor bugger around till it was green with sickness.
    Jose, how true. I think it’s going to catch on but probably not quickly enough.


  7. Good stuff. A big thumbs up.


  8. Like this? ————>


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