Abandonded Children Dehumanised in EU Nation

I watched the last part of Bulgaria’s Abandoned Children last night and it left me cold.  I was shocked with disbelief that this kind of thing goes on, especially after the exposure of the Romanian orphanges some twenty years ago. 

The emotional neglect and lack of everyday stimulus has resulted in these children failing to properly develop normal motor skills such as talking and walking.  Instead they just rock themselves back and forth and waste away their poor wretched lives.

It was just heartbreaking to watch.  I felt angry, frustrated, despairing, helpless . . . emotionally ripped to bits.  

A government petition is under way.  Please sign here.


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  1. Signed.

    Good to see the 75 children who are the subject of the documentary are now receiving intense help. Of course there are many more like them out there and that is heart breaking, scary even.

    I do wonder aloud why Bulgaria has a higher number of abandoned children. Poverty I guess is the answer.


  2. Thanks Matty. 🙂

    I felt kind of guilty just for watching their story but I think it’s important to see. It might be very disomfitting but turning a blind eye is even worse.


    I don’t know if poverty is a factor. I’m sure it must be. But it does seem to be a particular problem in the Eastern European countries. Seems to be that child social care there is underfunded, understaffed, unresourced and totally unimportant to officials.


  3. Posted by Metroid on December 9, 2007 at 6:05 pm

    Receiving help?! I’m sorry. I’m from Bulgaria I’m 17 years old. I saw the movie Bulgaria’s Abandonded Children, so did hole Bulgaria. And that is the big true about all institutions which work in that direction. And NO there’s not a difference, after the movie of course some ppl gave money , some pretender to care, after 3 months its all forgoten and the picture is abosolutely the same! 27 places in bulgaria are like that, don’t let the new lie to you please.

    P.S Sorry for my English.


  4. Posted by Metroid on December 9, 2007 at 6:05 pm

    The newS *


  5. Metroid, thanks for your input here. No problems about your English. It was fully understandable.

    I’m very sad to hear that nothing much gets changed in your country.

    It’s always the same; a humanitarian story hits the headlines and there is an uproar – a flurry of activity demanding action, donating money etc….

    But unfortunately, people’s sympathies fade along with their memory and the poor children’s stories are once again forgotten.


  6. […] 12, 2007 by earthpal Metroid wrote a comment on a post I wrote about the intolerable plight of the Bulgarian orphans.  Metroid said in effect, that […]


  7. Interesting to hear from someone inside Bulgaria and not surprising to get that answer either. The internet … that powerful tool of communication that links up peoples like never before I guess is exposing so much that we are almost overwhelmed, frozen to the spot.


  8. Posted by Andy UK on December 12, 2007 at 8:06 pm

    Plz Sign E-petition to UK Gov
    Go to


  9. Thanks Andy. I already signed but I hope it encourages more people to sign.

    Matt, you’re right about the internet. Powerful indeed.


  10. Posted by belinda on March 5, 2008 at 4:43 pm

    i am so sorry, for the children. i know the conditions have not changed for these children, and everything remains, the same. i have heard different stories, on how they have recieved help, even that some of the children have started to gain weight , have received medical that they required. i wanted to see if i could get some help on one the children that was in the documentary. his name was stoyan, can’t seem to forget this child, can anyone help?


  11. Hi Belinda.

    I have come across a few charities that are helping these Bulgarian orphans. Maybe if you contacted one or two of them, they will tell you how you can help further:





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