Mum Boast

My middlie was presented with the Star Pupil of the Week award at school and the best part of this award, according to middlie herself, is that she gets to “push-in” in the lunch queue.  She gets a one-week pass to go right to the front of the queue and order her lunch.

Prize-winning perks aside, it’s an encouraging and comforting award from my perspective as she’s had a bit of a tumultuous start to her new school year, something that we totally failed to expect, so here’s to settled times.

And my little rugby player scored endless try’s and got about a  million tags in his three rugby games on Sunday.  And in recognition of his talented game-play he was given the prestigious status of Man-of-the-Match.

‘Twas so funny watching his face during the presentation because although, being his modest self he was trying his best not to smile, his proudness was bursting through and the huge grin just-wouldn’t-be-supressed.


3 responses to this post.

  1. What a turnaround, you must be so proud of them, Earthie…

    Still on the topic of celebrating lives, I’m celebrating, too.
    Lambsie is a safe and well, thanks to the Samaritans 😉 If it weren’t for the likes of you, he’d be dead. Seriously

    Big big Kudos!


  2. Thanks Mo.

    It’s a huge relief about Lambsie. He is safe in his family’s embrace now. Give him a big hug from me. xxx


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