On Monbiot article

George Monbiot wrote an interesting and most important article in yesterday’s Guardian.  He’s aptly titled it … Ban the Bomb – But Only in Iran.

Informative and fair, it tells of the double-dealing double standards of American foreign policy pertaining to the Middle East. 

American political bias in favour of Israel is stupidly undiplomatic and grossly irresponsible given Iran’s unpredictability.  In short, it’s a big reason for Iran’s determination to proliferate. 

Read the article here.


5 responses to this post.

  1. Oh, it’s completely understandable why the middle-east is so unstable … because American won’t leave it alone. They only ever set up and continue to fund Israel because it gives the US a base there. America is the problem, not the solution.


  2. Spot on Matty. I’d write more but I’m in a rush for work and won’t have time to edit out all the profanities.


  3. Well, colonies were colonies when the Empires that controlled them kept them in the dark of what life really was in the West. But things have changed. Where there isn’t education religion has come to supersede the reason to rebel.

    It is clear to me that Israel was meant all the time since its creation as a state to be the police of the countries yielding natural resources that were essential to the industrial set-up in our so-called civilised countries. That’s why it was permitted to have its own nuclear armament, although it was carefully prevented from being openly revealed to the rest of the world.


  4. Yes Jose, good points.

    I read recently that the Israeli defence Minister of a few years ago said in New York that Iran would have nuclear capability by 2005.

    That’s the kind of rhetoric that stirs things up.


  5. Here’s what I wonder- In world war II Germany persecuted and executed the Jews so why was Israel carved out of Palestine, shouldnt it be carved out of Germany?

    Maybe I am Dense and missing out an important piece of history?


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