Give your wallets a rest

Today is Buy Nothing Day which will be one of many for me because I have no money to spend and it’s a tormenting five days till the next pay day.

I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since I wrote about the last Buy Nothing Day.  I wonder how much we’ve spent on must-haves in that time.

Consume less.  Share more.


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  1. I’m off to plant bulbs in our local ‘open space’. It’s chilly out there! 🙂


  2. Checking it out . . .


  3. And this;

    (I’m interested to know what you think about this idea.)


  4. Matty, when I first saw it I was a bit taken aback but hey, those girls are so brave.

    No doubt it will attract controversy but if it brings publicity and awareness to the landmine issue . . . if it empowers those disabled women . . . if it shakes off the stigma of disability . . . if it rebuilds their self-esteem – then I can’t think of anything to dislike. And now for the big but . . . .

    . . . will it achieve all those things? Is it not just another opening for more (African) female exploitation? Are these women really being liberated or are they, once again, being objectified?

    I don’t think I like it Matt. I admire those girls – the landmine victims, but surely there are other imaginative and much more sensitive ways of publicising the cause. The ends doesn’t always justify the means. But then, I’m not that much into beauty contests so maybe I’m pre-biased anyway.


  5. It’s a theatre director who came up with the idea. I agree with all your points on both sides and there is a far amount of controversy surrounding this. People either like the idea as a ‘means to an end’ or they most certainly don’t.

    One thing that is horrendous is landmines.


  6. Yes, It’s hard to take a side one way or another isn’t it.

    But yes, you’re absolutely right, landmines (and clusterbombs) are horrendous. And if those girls are taking part voluntarily and fully protected, then good luck to them. They deserve it.


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