BNP and Oxford Union

When the indignant protests came regarding the BNP being allowed to speak to the Oxford Student Union, my first thoughts were big deal, let them speak.  Challenge them.  Let them reveal their true agenda.  Trap them with their own lies and bigotry.  In other words, let them dig their own grave.

But it’s a sad fact that every time these right-wing extremists are given a platform, racial hatred increases as do attacks on minority groups.  And it hurts me to admit that the BNP do manage to incite the hatred and the anger among the disillusioned . . . that somehow, some people buy into the BNP myths.  And so, I think it was a bad decision to provide them with such an established and approved platform that is Oxford.

I can’t put it any better than this comment made by Dr. Lewis MP, who resigned his life membership in direct response to the decision:

“Nothing which happens in tonight’s debate can possibly offset the boost you are giving to a couple of scoundrels who can put up with anything except being ignored.”


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  1. (Just to prove) I still read all your articles on the blogsurfer. 🙂

    The BNP, or the neo-nazis don’t bother me.
    If at all, they are the safer form of racism.
    I know who they are, how they think, what they will do.
    I can take precautions.

    What frightens me is the latent racism, hidden in varying degrees in many many individuals.
    The “I am not a racist, but not in my backyard mentality”…
    or the “not in my family, not in my house, not in my child’s school, not on my street, not in my neighbourhood, not in my town, ” is the case maybe.
    That is the racism that I cannot see, till it hits me.

    I have no objections to them lecturing at Oxford or Cambridge or in an underground basement.
    As long as their are minds that wants to hear them and wants to believe them, restricting their platform is meaningless.


  2. Hey Little Indian. Yes, you make some excellent points and you’re right – the BNP are no threat. I don’t worry that they will ever gain any power, I just get weary of all the people who threaten to vote BNP next time just to make a statement.

    And I absolutely recognise the . . . “I’m not a racist but….“. When someone starts a sentence with this, they usually are racist.

    And it’s nice to know you still read the blog. I always read yours.


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  4. Off the topic….

    Thank you so much for your kind words on my blog

    ****e xx


  5. Some people are rubbish, that will always be so – I can´t see any value from debating them because it gives them legitimacy, but what else can you do? At the end of the day, being racist and stupid isn´t illegal and they do represent the views of tens of very annoying people.

    If only everyone would just play nice.


  6. MrZ, how very lovely to hear/see/read you. I’ve missed you.

    And of course, you are spot on – in your own unique, common-sense style.

    Yes, the BNP have the right to exist and be heard . . . by the “tens of very annoying people” who are willing to listen.

    And the Oxford people had the right to invite the BNP. I just thought the Oxford people were better-minded than that.


  7. I wonder what the governments are doing to avoid the upsurge the Ultra-Right parties are boosting of nationalistic ideas.

    We elect particular parties to rule us and those governments that come out of the elections are very watchful not to be dubbed racist, therefore the application of the laws is left too often aside lest the term be applied to the acting authorities. This leaves the doubtful an easy prey to the Ultra-Right.

    And we all know an action always has a reaction.


  8. I wonder what the governments are doing to avoid the upsurge the Ultra-Right parties are boosting of nationalistic ideas.”

    Jose, the Tory (opposition) government has been very active in stirring up the racial tensions in this country but it’s usually a simple case of opportunism – seeking to gain political mileage from any situation, that sort of thing. Very typcial of the Conservatives but not that untypical of any political party I guess.


  9. Posted by zhisou on December 3, 2007 at 7:25 pm

    Hello EP, I am now a slimmed down zhisou, I´ve dropped the Mr bit – and dropped the old blog into the waste paper basket. I am trying on a new sleeker blog for size – just plain old “zhisou”

    I missed you too – and will miss you again because sure as dammit I´ll be too busy still for ages to come.

    Hello Jose and Misslionheart and others.


  10. Posted by zhisou on December 4, 2007 at 5:11 pm

    I wonder why my zhisou link doesn´t work


  11. Hi zhisou.

    I’m very much looking forward to reading your new blog. I was wondering about the non-link too.

    Nice to have you back anyway…xxx

    p.s. can I still call you Zeddie? Just sometimes?


  12. Posted by zhisou on December 5, 2007 at 5:57 pm

    You can call me zeddie anytime EP – the new blog is up and running, but not much there yet.


  13. Good, good. Now I just need the link to it.


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