Bali: Climate conference

bali-balloon.jpgThe Bali summit is almost here.  For those not in the know, it’s a gathering of leaders from 200 or so nations who are going to talk about the Kyoto Protocol and what might happen after it runs out in 2012.  It’s to be hoped, by the way, that they are making every effort to minimise their conference carbon-footprint as much as possible.

I guess we can expect some disharmony and a certain level of obstruction from the usual suspects but on the upside, we did recently lose a key obstructionist because of John Howard being booted out of office (yay!) and being replaced by the much more Kyoto-friendly Kevin Rudd.  It’s been said that there probably won’t be enough time for the new Aussie government to get all the legalities in place in order for them to sign up to Kyoto but no doubt they will be warmly welcomed into the K-ring.

For anyone who feels so inclined, Greenpeace are giving us the opportunity to send a message to the conference.  In their usual gimmicky style, they have come up with the idea of attaching our messages onto balloons which will then be released over the venue.  I’m inclined to think it’s as much a Greenpeace publicity stunt as it is an effort to get the climate message through – I’m pretty sure the officials won’t bother to read the messages as they float away into the sky. 

Anyway, maximum respect to the scientific community and environmental groups who should be commended for their work but for now, to repeat what everybody already knows, we only have a decade or two.  The world has already seen many climate change victims and so, taking into account the impact on the vulnerable communities and the poorer countries, we need those policies and agreements – the binding treaties.  We need that breakthrough now.  We don’t need any more passing the blame and squabbling over which country is worse than the other.  We need honesty and harmony and we need courage and resolve from our leaders.  

It can be done.  It-just-has-to-be-done-now. 


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