Boycott Heat Magazine

Call me an intellectual snob if you like but I make no apologies for saying that I can’t bear gossipy, tittle-tattle magazines such as Heat.  And, smug as it may sound, I can honestly say I’ve never bought one. 

This week, Heat magazine decided to make fun of a disabled child.  I won’t go into details except to provide a link to the BBC news report because I don’t want to give the trash mag any more publicity.   I certainly refuse to provide a link to the magazine itself.

I feel so furious about it that I just can’t keep my mouth shut.  The decision to ridicule a disabled child for entertainment purposes, goes beyond the realms of distaste; the sheer cruelty and the grossly irresponsible disregard for a sweet little boy who happens to be blind and has a growth disorder is staggering.

Making fun of children in the name of entertainment, regardless of any disabilities they may have, is cowardly; it’s akin to attacking the defenceless and in my view, anyone who continues to buy and read this magazine is supporting this sort of conduct.


5 responses to this post.

  1. I too can’t stand such glossy gossip mags. Pisses me off they use all that paper on such rubbish!

    Hey, check the new look out over at The Coffee House. Now there’s style! 😉


  2. I’d delete the post if I were you….


  3. Not a single magazine of this type ever enters my house. If everybody abstained from buying them they would have to swallow their own garbage.


  4. Me too Matt, absolutely. (Love your new blog make-over).

    MissyL, how would I appeal for people to boycott the mag?

    Jose, I’m not surprised to hear that. And garbage is the right word.


  5. You will be happy to hear that the type of magazines you are talking about aren’t doing that well financially anyway. People have moved onto the internet for a laugh/gossip.


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