Looking Good Girls ;)

Sometimes I watch How to Look Good Naked.  I adore Gok Wan, the man who hosts it.  He’s very attractive and he is just so warm and sweet towards his guests.  He really looks after them.  He hugs them when they’re crying.  He squeezes their wobbly bits and tells them how lovely they are.  He raises their confidence and he really does make them look gorgeous.  He takes women who are down on their self-esteem and makes them feel beautiful and sexy again. 

He tells women it’s ok to have lumps and bumps.  That even the best supermodels have cellulite – that it’s just well hidden by clever lighting and camera skills.  He demonstrates that sex appeal, beauty, attractiveness is within all women.  It’s about confidence – about liking yourself.  It’s about rejecting the images of the perfect body and making the most of the body you’ve got.

Gok lovingly embraces and celebrates the female body in all its glory – in all its shapes and sizes.  He gives women the confidence to be themselves.



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