The Things They Say

*My middlie came to me tonight and said she had something to tell me but she was scared to because . . . I’d be gutted.  She said she couldn’t possibly tell me in front of her little brother so I assumed it was girl/puberty talk.  After thirty minutes of guessing and trying to coax it out of her, she finally announced (well actually it was more of a whisper) that she-no-longer-believed-in-Father Christmas. 

Well she’s eleven years old so I think we can be more than content with our eleven magical Yuletides.  And I am chuffed that she had the heart to consider her brother who still has a year or two of believing the magic.

*My little boy told me tonight that I was nice, kind and loveful.  What a sweet little made-up word.

*My eldest daughter came home from college and told me she got a B+ in her English mock exam.  I responded with shouts of well done cleverclogs etc. and she asked me what her reward will be.  I told her she’s not doing it for me – she’s doing it for herself.


4 responses to this post.

  1. You are *so* right. I hd a similar experience with my materialistic eldest today. It’s a long story, but the bottom line is:

    Do we give our children too much?


  2. What a considerate child. She didn’t want you to be “gutted.” 🙂


  3. I love seeing how parents educate their children in the right way!

    This post of yours, earthpal, makes me think that we must not lose hope and that the new generations will be apt to overhaul the world.



  4. MissyL, I do think we over-indulge our children these days – a bad habit to get into.

    Helen, thanks. She is very considerate. And I was gutted. Lol.

    Thank you Jose. Quite right, we musn’t lose hope in the coming generations. They need to feel valued and they need us to believe in them.


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