Green Party Leadership

In my usual customary style, I’m late catching up with the news and I’m even later in getting round to blogging about it.  Not that I have loads to say but I will mention the news that the Green party recently voted, overwhelmingly, to change it’s (ahem) principle of having two Principal Speakers and is going to have a single party leader like the rest of the political parties.  

Myself, I always supported the fact that they rejected the policy of hierarchy – of having a traditional party leader who enjoys a high level of power within the party.  I liked the fact that they elected a male and a female Principal Speaker in an abidance with the “cooperative” ethos of joint and shared responsibility.

But they have chosen to adopt the same structure as the other political parties and I can only hope it makes them stronger and that they remain individually unique.   


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  2. The problem with leaders is that they appear not to enjoy a close competition inside their parties.


  3. Yes I heard about this with interest. Strong leadership and a strong focal point for voters is needed for all parties, the Greens included. They have to sell their message.

    Mind you the green message has know gone mainstream so there’s probably no need for the Greens any more. Maybe they could move on to call themselves the ‘Better Muslim Relations Party’. They’d be cutting edge again.


  4. True Jose, but party members do become quite the baskstabbers when they feel their leader needs to go.

    Matt, I don’t agree with you. I think the Green party are still very much relelvant. And to think, if we’d all voted for them years ago, we’d be in a better climate position than we are now.


  5. Yes, but people didn’t vote for them in droves so I’m afraid that means they haven’t been effective. But hey, I have voted Greens before and this is just my opinion.


  6. Or perhaps, Matt, that is a blame on people’s consciences.

    I observe politicians very much care not to disturb greens. Perhaps it is they don’t want them as a party.

    It’s about time people reflected on what’s good for them and their descendants.


  7. Posted by Chris on December 5, 2007 at 3:41 pm

    “Mind you the green message has know gone mainstream so there’s probably no need for the Greens any more.”

    Except none of the main parties appear to be willing to introduce policies that will actually solve the problem. This doesn’t just apply to environmental issues.

    “Myself, I always supported the fact that they rejected the policy of hierarchy – of having a traditional party leader who enjoys a high level of power within the party”

    If I thought this would be the result I would have voted no. Based on what the motion says I don’t think it’s going to make any difference to how the party runs, and the leader wont have any more power than the other people on the executive.


  8. Matt, yes it’s true that all the other political parties are rushing to adopt the Green parties policies. Maybe it’s them who are now irrelevant. And it’s true that people didn’t vote in droves for the Greens but the green party isn’t aiming for the ultimate power. It wants to empower the people to tackle the climate. The Greens have a key role to play in the political system in order to make sure our politicians listen and act and meet the challenges rather than spout eco-rhetoric over and over.

    And let’s face it – the Green party is the only remaining political party that represents the left in this country.
    I think it’s unfair to question the value of the Green party after it has lobbyed long and hard and has finally got the Green message into the mainstream.

    Jose, good points. I think people just feel that a Green vote is a wasted vote but with this sort of attitude, we will never see true Parliamentary representation of what the public really wants.

    Hi Chris. Yes, you’re probably right. I have confidence that the Green party will remain true to it’s ethos.


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