Virtual Global March

bali.jpgTake part in the Avaaz Virtual March on Bali.

Sign the petition here.  You can be an activist without even getting up from your chair.  It couldn’t be easier for all us you armchair warriors who don’t like to get cold and wet – or hot and wet as would be the case in Bali as it’s their rainy season.

Adn the latest news I’ve heard from Bali is that Kevin Rudd received a huge applause at the conference after the announcement that Australia has begun to ratify Kyoto.  Some people, moved by the emotion of the moment, gave him a standing ovation.  All very emotional and spontaneous but it does give an indication that the mood of the conference is harmonious in its aims. 

America is now the only developed country still obstinately rejecting Kyoto.


3 responses to this post.

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  2. and about time too! We are very ashamed in Australia that it took us this long. Shame on our previous government.


  3. Well, you guys certainly did the right thing by voting them out Binds. Well done.


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