Artist/Activist~Art Activist

This may be the only legitimate use of a TASER, to prevent war with Iran

Originally uploaded by Natasha Mayers.

I’m really admiring the work of Natasha Mayers. I came across her via the Common Dreams website where she is the Artist-in-Residence.

Through her art she expresses feelings on social, political and environmental issues and her art tells a vivid story of what is happening in her country and around the world.

“We need artists to help explain what is happening in this country, to tell the truth and reveal the lies, to be willing to say the emperor has no clothes, to create moral indignation, to envision alternatives, to reinvent language.

“We need artists to help us come together and share our voices and build community around powerful issues concerning our roles in the world and our planet’s survival. Compassion must be translated into action.”

She has also been responsible for some innovative community projects that have enriched children and adults alike. Check out her work on Flickr. Her pictures speak for themselves.


2 responses to this post.

  1. A really impressive job. Thanks for sharing, Earthpal.


  2. You’re welcome Jose.

    She is an impressive lady.


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