Chasing Sunrises

Just when I was beginning to think the rains were here forever, we suddenly get a couple of wonderfully fresh and crisp Midwinter days with some glorious blazing orange skies.

This morning there was a glorious morning sky and my poor cringing children threw themselves under the dashboard of the car this morning when I had a sudden impulse to hang out of the window and capture the sight with my single-functioning, humble little camera.  


And of course I am going to share the result with you folks. 


4 responses to this post.

  1. Hi Earthpal, This is a lovely picture. Thanks for sharing it.


  2. Thanks Helen. T’is my pleasure.

    The glories of nature.


  3. Yes, the glory of Nature. And we are there to uphold it. Nice picture, Earthpal. Your “clinical” eye always at work.


  4. Yes, we are there to uphold it. We are stewards of the planet and we would be wise to respect that.


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